Happy New Year

As we begin another new year we look ahead with faith and anticipation of all that God has in store for us. We can’t know what disasters our world will face or what type of tragedies families will endure in 2019 but what we can know is that God will provide His love and compassion in every situation. CSI wants to be used by God to offer help and healing in Jesus name whenever we can.

We also look back with gratitude for all of the ways that you partnered with us in 2018 to help people around the world living in the aftermath of disaster and tragedy and those who live in areas of ongoing drought, famine, persecution, and lack of adequate medical services. Each year Compassion Services International sets out to offer hope and help to those in need while sharing the truth about Jesus and the gospel message. Thank you again for making 2018 a remarkable year of doing just that.

feeding our family june 2018 update 2

In the Spring of 2018, many regions of Africa were experiencing drought. In Uganda, UPCI Missionary Phil Tolstad reported that drought caused famine, exasperated by an influx of refugees from South Sudan, was creating a severe humanitarian crisis. He reported that two UPCI ministers wives had passed away as a result. Near that time, we also received a request to purchase grain for the Sahel region of Africa. While we raise funds for our End Hunger campaign throughout the year, these grave needs prompted us to create a drive called, “Feeding Our Family.” Your support helped to provide relief to each of these needs, distributed through the hands of UPCI missionaries.

guatemala volacano relief 2018

Following the volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, the world was quickly inundated with dramatic images of fire and destruction. UPCI Missionary Brad Thompson reported that 10 people associated with the UPC of Guatemala were included among the dead. Following his appeal for relief aid, you quickly helped raise $8,000, which was distributed through Bro. Thompson.

asia medical clinic 2018

During the Summer, a team of CSI volunteer medical personnel partnered with the NextSteps program in South Asia to conduct medical health fairs to hundreds of people at multiple locations. These efforts in combination with the NextSteps program not only met physical needs but opened the door to community outreach and evangelism.

india flood 2018 blocked road

More recently, India experienced devastating floods, damaging several UPCI churches, pastor’s homes, and congregation member’s homes. One local UPCI presbyter reported that all local (Kerala) dams were opened, there were numerous landslides, and more than 100 church families were affected. You and our supporters helped raise nearly $7,000, which was distributed through UPCI missionaries to that area.

We also want to remind you that Compassion Sunday 2019 is fast approaching. Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 24, 2019. This annual event is a time of focus to raise awareness and funds for CSI. We invite pastors and churches to consider a special Compassion Sunday service and presentation. You can join us on February 24, 2019, or on any day that works for you. Global Missions offering credit is available to churches for funds raised for CSI. Together, let’s make 2019 another year highlighted with the works of compassion. We will share additional information and resources with you in the near future.


Wishing You a Hope-Filled Christmas

Philippines 2

These faces. These smiles. When I look at them I see hope. You would never know by looking into these hope-filled eyes that these boys had just lived through a Typhoon that destroyed their hometown. How do you have hope when all seems lost? How do you smile when you are faced with so much tragedy?

Zimbabwe 6

How do you show up to worship outside when you are living in an area of extreme poverty and you don’t know how you and your family will survive? The answer is in a word that I think embodies the Christmas season. That word is HOPE. Christ came to give us the gift that we all want more than anything in a world filled with seemingly hopeless situations, He came to give us hope. Hope came to us in a way that no one expected. It came wrapped in swaddling clothes. Hope has a name, Jesus.

Because our hope is not in anything in this world but in Jesus when all seems lost and when life has turned upside down and it feels as if nothing will ever be right again, we can smile. We can worship. It’s because of Hope. We know that this world feels dark but Hope has come to light up the world. When we look around at all of the tragedy and heartache in the world we want to believe that things can change and with Hope we know that they can. So this Christmas hold onto the Hope that was born in a manger. Hold onto the promise that Hope has come and Hope is always surrounding you.

Thank you for every time that you have given hope this past year. Your prayers and generosity have extended the gift of hope to people in desperate situations around the world. So from all of us at Compassion Services International, we wish you a very merry hope-filled Christmas.

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3rd Quarter 2018 Update

South Asia Medical Missions Trip 2018

As 2018 continues to pass by CSI wants to thank you for your continued support. During the month of July, our medical volunteers finished up their Community Health Fair and Screening event in South Asia. The team visited 3 locations and were able to provide health care education and screening to hundreds of people. We also continued our Feeding Our Family project and sent additional funding to Africa to purchase grain for families in desperate need.

Guatemala Volcano Relief Delivery_preview

The month of August saw continued flooding in India and we were able to help provide relief supplies to those affected. We also began planning upcoming mission trips for 2019 and 2020. More details will come as the plans are finalized. Be sure to signup for our email list so that you are kept up-to-date on these opportunities.

typhoon mangkhut philippines 2018

As the third quarter came to an end CSI was able to attend the UPCI General Conference in Louisville, KY. This is an annual event attended by thousands of people from around the world. During our time there we were able to talk with several people at our booth area about the mission of CSI and meet some of our supporters which is always a special time. We also began an effort to raise support for Typhoon Mangkhut victims in the Philippines. Thanks to all who have given already.


As we begin the last quarter of 2018 we don’t know what the future holds but we know the one who holds the future. CSI strives to stay prepared for the calls for help that come in and thanks to many of you who faithfully give we are able to send that help. We couldn’t do what we do without you so once again thank you for supporting us this year!

If you want to help us be ready for the future you can donate to one of our projects HERE.


2nd Quarter 2018 Update

Here’s a look at what’s been happening the past few months at CSI.

cyclone gita tonga relief 2018 3



  • While we were seven months removed from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria as anticipated the long-term needs for recovery became apparent. Additional funding was sent to assist church repairs in St. Croix, repairing the roofs of four pastor’s homes in St. Maarten and St. Kitts and to assist 10 families in St. Maarten with building materials.

feeding our family burkina faso 2018 boy with bowl of grain on headliberia kindergarten roof repairs 2018 2


  • Your generosity was able to provide 30 families in West Africa with food for more than a month due to a severe drought situation. This assistance allowed these families to have food while they prepared for the growing season. Due to the restrictions on proselytizing in this area, CSI is unable to share the actual location of the relief program. Please continue to pray for the safety of the missionaries in this region as they share Jesus and for hearts and minds to be open to receiving the truth of the gospel.
  • As May came to a close CSI received a request to replace the roof of a kindergarten school in Bomi Hills, Liberia. The roof was completely destroyed during a violent rainstorm. Since all of the other classrooms were full at the school there wasn’t any additional space available for the kindergarten students. Since the heavy rain season in this area begins in June there was the likelihood that the kindergarten would have to close meaning a loss of students for the school and for many of these children the ability to even attend school. Once again you answered the call for help and the roof was repaired.

Guatemala Volcano Relief Delivery_preview



  • The Fuego Volcano Eruption had an initial blast on June 3rd followed by several more blasts. The Pacific coast of Guatemala received the blunt impact. The Bible School in Guatemala City was set up as the organization and distribution center for relief efforts. One United Pentecostal Church was in the direct path of the lava flow and there were 10 people connected to this church confirmed dead with several others missing as of June 8th. There were several families who had lost not only loved ones but also their homes and belongings. CSI sent an initial disbursement on June 11, 2018, to help with the immediate needs of water, face masks, respiratory medications, and basic food and hygiene supplies. Fundraising efforts continued during the month of June with another disbursement planned for July 2018.
  • In Haiti work on the final 2 churches damaged during Hurricane Matthew back in 2016 began. These churches are located in Les Cayes and Jeremie and due to the location and logistics, the work on these two churches will be done simultaneously. The work on 2 churches in Kenscoff and Miragoane have been completed. CSI is thankful to everyone who has supported this ongoing project in Haiti. BThe most recent church to be completed was in Kenscoff and they will be holding a celebration and their first Bible School Graduation in the new building the last weekend of August.

kenscoff church rebuild 2017 hurricane matthew

We are so thankful for the work that CSI is able to do around the world thanks to your ongoing support and prayers. We can’t know what the next quarter holds but we know who holds every day in His hands. If you would be interested in helping CSI be prepared for what lies ahead in the coming months you can donate to our Where Most Needed Fund.  You can also support CSI when you shop on Amazon Prime Day on July 16, 2018 beginning at 3:00p.m. ET.

CSI knows that you have a lot of choices when it comes to giving and we take our commitment to fiscal responsibility seriously. We believe that we are required to be faithful stewards with every dollar donated and to maintain integrity in all that we do. Thank you for giving to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters around the world.



South Asia Medical Missions Trip 2018

Our medical volunteers have arrived in Asia to begin medical humanitarian work. This will include health fair screenings and healthcare education and will take place in multiple cities. The focus will be on prevention and treatment of acute and chronic issues. The missionary partner in South Asia expects over 1,000 patients to be seen before returning July 2nd. Due to safety and security, we are not sharing the exact location of the trip within South Asia at this time.

South Asia Medical Team Arrival 2018

What is particularly exciting about this medical missions trip is that we will be partnering with the NextSteps team during their week of practicum. This exciting partnership will directly allow our medical missions work to coincide with young people ministering the gospel.

We need your help to meet the needs we will face and to carry out an effective program.




Funding will go towards the following supplies and trip costs. While we use supplies, many will be left for the people of South Asia to use after we are gone.

  • Multivitamins (Adult and Pediatrics)
  • Eyeglasses (500 – 600 pair)
  • Glucometers with supplies
  • Printed education material
  • Gloves, band-aids, etc.
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Transportation Costs Between Health Fair Locations
  • Other

Thank you for your support!

Feeding Our Family

feeding our family banner heading

#FeedingOurFammily- What Does That Mean?

“Feeding Our Family”- Why Does It Matter?

Two Apostolic Pastors’ Wives Lost their Lives Because of the Severe Hunger Crisis that Continues to Devastate Parts of East Africa


We received an email last month from a missionary contact in Uganda, East Africa, that related the following tragic news: “When people need to battle famine, it weakens them physically, and they become susceptible to diseases.  We’ve had two pastors’ families who have lost a spouse in the last three weeks.”

This tragic loss and urgent need inspired #FeedingOurFamily because it is our Apostolic Pentecostal church family and their surrounding communities that are in need. The Uganda Hunger Crisis Continues to Affect Apostolic Pentecostal Families and Surrounding Communities. You can learn more by watching this VIDEO.

Read Dr. Camra Faulkner’s article Dire Hunger Crisis Takes Lives of Two Apostolic Pastors’ Wives. 

Thank you to those that made a recent grain distribution in the village of Songo possible through their donations and support. Numerous other villages across the region and elsewhere are also devastated by famine and hunger. Please continue to pray, share and give so that CSI can help bring grain distributions and/or other needed relief to other villages in need and help End Hunger Now. Watch the VIDEO.

You can still help by Donating Today, Please choose the “End Hunger Fund” Check donations can be sent to our office.

Compassion Services International
3333-1 Rue Royale
St. Charles, MO 63301

Feeding Our Family Burkina Faso 2018 child on back of another child

Please join us in sharing #FeedingOurFamily so that more people can join us in helping to end hunger.

1st Quarter 2018 Update

Making A Difference!
Thank you for being part of our first quarter projects. Your continued prayers and support reach around the world each month.
puerto rico lady in wheel chair
  • The year began with additional supplies being delivered to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. In the picture above you can see Mirna one of the recipients of a New Year’s weekend delivery. Because of your generosity, CSI not only provides relief in the immediate days following a disaster but also months later.
  • 2017 tax letters were mailed out in January. We use the physical address we have on file or if no physical address has been provided then we use the email address that we have on file. If you have not received your tax letter please feel free to contact our office and a copy can be sent to you.
cyclone gita church damage 2018
  • Additional supplies were delivered to Puerto Rico in February. The hurricane may have been months ago but the aftermath doesn’t go away in just a few days.
  • February brought Cyclone Gita to Tonga. This was the worst storm to hit the area in 60 years. Your donations helped to supply 50 families with food and hygiene items as well as materials for church and home repairs.
  • CSI held our annual Compassion Sunday event on February 25th. This day is an opportunity for churches to share the mission of CSI with their congregations and the donations help us be ready to answer the many calls for help that are sure to come throughout the coming year. If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Compassion Sunday event you can still help us be ready for 2018 by making a donation at any time. Also be sure to save the date for February 24, 2019, and join us for Compassion Sunday 2019.
  • The month of March didn’t bring any new disasters to CSI but the cleanup efforts continued in Tonga.
  • We also discovered that our Instagram account was hacked and unfortunately we were not able to recover the account. We have opened a new account so we would love to have you follow and share the new account. INSTAGRAM

cyclone gita tonga relief 2018 3

We couldn’t do what we do around the world without you so thank you for all of your continued support!