1ST Quarter 2020 Update

Thank you for being part of our first quarter projects. Your continued prayers and support offer help and hope around the world.

Nashville tornado 2020


  • Thank you for your donations to our Clean Water and End Hunger campaigns and for all of you who became monthly supporters. These donations will enable us to answer the calls for help in 2020
  • Because of your ongoing support to our Medical Missions Fund we were able to send support to the CSi sponsored clinic in Liberia.
  • Thank you to everyone who joined our payer team. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join you can do that now JOIN OUR PRAYER TEAM

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  • We loved sharing the thank you video from the people of Cameroon with you. If you haven’t seen it yet you can catch it on our Facebook page.
  • We continued our campaign for clean water and ending hunger and so many of you responded.


  • CSi launched a Show Compassion Challenge on social media. We love hearing your stories of how you show compassion every day!
  • Thanks to all of our new followers on social media. We have enjoyed doing book giveaways and appreciate how you share our pages with your friends and family. In March we gave away, Everybody Always by Bob Goff.
  • Nashville was devastated by a tornado and your donations allowed CSi to send funding to the Tennessee District to help churches in the city that were affected.
  • Unfortunately, we had to announce that our upcoming trip to Zimbabwe was canceled because of the current coronavirus pandemic.
  • Funding was sent to help replace a pastor’s home in an area of the world where there is believers are persecuted and killed for following Jesus and so we are not able to disclose the location but because of your ongoing generosity CSi can answer these calls for help.

Email picture cowboy

Thank you for continuing to support the mission of CSi. We are trusting that God will continue to provide in 2020. This year has already seen the Cornavirus pandemic which has caused worldwide devastation. Join us in praying for people around the world who have been infected and for all the frontline employees. We know that God is in control. We are praying that each of you is safe and remains healthy

4th Quarter 2019 Update


Lebanon food crisis 2019


· In Cameroon people have been affected by civil war for the past three years. 600 of our church members were displaced. Your support allowed funding to be sent to supply emergency relief and medication for Typhoid fever and Malaria.

· A water pump was purchased for a church in Nicaragua. This pump supplies water for church activities as well as the pastor’s home.


· Funding sent to help 110 families who were permanently relocated by the federal government due to the major earthquakes in areas of Mindanao Island, Philippines.

Nicaragua child


· Several of you utilized our new Christmas catalog to help make your holiday shopping meaningful

· In Lebanon, your support purchased 30 food boxes for families to double the number of boxes that are normally given out during this month.   

Thank you for continuing to support the mission of CSi.

3rd Quarter 2019 Update


Burkina faso refugee relief 2019

Thank you for being part of our third quarter projects. Your continued prayers and support reach around the world each month.


· CSI was able to be part of the Oklahoma, Illinois and Missouri camp meetings. It’s always great to meet our supporters in person. If you want CSI at your next district event please contact us. We would love to be with you and share the mission of CSI.


· CSI was excited to have a booth at NAYC 2019 in Saint Louis, MO. Over 30,000 young people from around the country together in one place worshipping the one true God was a phenomenal experience. We met so many new people at the booth and got to catch up with so many of our current supporters and volunteers.

· Refugee relief in an area of the world where worshipping Jesus is dangerous and believers live with the very real threat of persecution. Your giving allowed food and mosquito nets to be delivered.

· Hurricane Dorian relief began in the Bahamas. Several churches in Florida served as distribution centers where supplies were selected. Pastor Mark Hattabaugh helped lead teams of volunteers on day trips into the Bahamas to deliver supplies. Your giving allowed dozens of pallets of supplies to be shipped to our contacts on the ground. We had a church that suffered no damage even though many surrounding structures were destroyed. This allowed a safe and dry area to store and distribute supplies.

gc booth 2019


· We continued Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. Disaster Relief is a long-term project. Just because the news isn’t reporting on it any longer doesn’t mean the needs go away. Thank you for your faithful support.

· CSi had a booth at the UPCI General Conference in Indianapolis. We always enjoy being at these events to connect with our supporters in person. 

Hurricane Dorian 2019 supplies

We know that more requests for help will come in during the coming months. Thank you for your continued support to ensure that we can answer those calls for help. We couldn’t do what we do without you. 

2019 2nd Quarter Update

Thank you for being part of our second quarter projects. Your continued prayers and support reach around the world each month.
Malawi Relief Cyclone Idai June 2019
  • CSI was able to be part of the Indiana and Arkansas District Ladies Conferences. These ladies have hearts that responded to needs around the world. Thank you for having us at your events and for giving to put your compassion in action. If you want CSI at your next District event please contact us. We would love to be with you and share the mission of CSI.
  • In Venezuela the lives of many have been shattered and the situation is dire. Thank you for helping CSI send relief supplies to those in need.

Madison Cyclone Idai Fundraiser

  • CSI was excited to partner with C Saucy Scrubs to host a giveaway celebrating nurses week. We were able to give away two sets of scrub skirts to deserving nurses. CSI loves nurses and we couldn’t do our mission trips without them. Be sure to check out the great products C Saucy offers.
  • We had the chance to introduce you to Madison, a young girl who heard about the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai and how so many people had lost their homes and crops. She wanted to do something to help. She put her Compassion in Action and raised $420 to help Cyclone Idai victims.

Malawi Relief Cyclone Idai Water Filters

  • CSI was able to provide funding for food relief for 1300 people in Malawi who were affected by Cylone Idai over 1/2 of which were children. We were also able to send 100 water filters to Malawi. We want to once again thank Sister Micki Mangun and Sister Jennifer Williams from The Pentecostals of Alexandria, who took the filters with them when they traveled to the area for a conference. When we all work together great things happen.
  • CSI got a new mailing address. Please note that all written correspondence can be sent to PO Box 14, Saint Charles, MO 63302.
We know that more requests for help will come in during the coming months. Thank you for your continued support to ensure that we can answer those calls for help. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

CSI Appreciates Nurses

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6, also known as National Nurses Day, through May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.nurses day 2019

Our medical mission trips wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated nurse volunteers. To celebrate we have partnered with C.Saucy Scrubs for a great giveaway over on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The contest runs through Friday, 05/10/2019 so if you are a nurse or know a nurse make sure you check it out for your chance to win a free pair of C.Saucy Scrubs and a “Hero in a Scrub Skirt” T-shirt.

nurses day 2019 scrub

Thank you nurses for all that you do! If you are interested in being a CSI nurse volunteer be sure to signup for our mailing list and fill out an application on our website.

1st Quarter 2019 Update

Malawi Flood 2019

Thank you for being part of our first quarter projects. Your continued prayers and support reach around the world each month.
  • Your generous donations allowed CSI to send an offering to the medical clinic in Liberia. This clinic is a CSI supported project that provides medical care to hundreds of patients each week. The people treated at the clinic would not be able to receive adequate medical care otherwise.
  • 2018 tax letters were mailed out in January. We use the physical address that we have on file, and if no physical address has been provided, then we use the email address that we have on file. If you need to update your information, please contact our office.
  • CSI held our annual Compassion Sunday event on February 24th. This day is an opportunity for churches to share the mission of CSI with their congregations and the donations help us be ready to answer the many calls for help that are sure to come throughout the coming year.
  • One of our supporters, Abi Smith, held an exceptional Compassion Sunday event at her church. She attends Christian Life Church in Delaware, Ohio. Her pastor is Michael and Shelley Wilson. Abi was able to do a presentation on Compassion Sunday where she used the downloadable resources and showed the free videos. She held a fundraiser after the service where lunch was served, and donations to CSI were accepted. She had resources available for people to look at and she had focused on the Uganda food program so she made some authentic Ugandan food for people to try. She used her creativity to make some Valentine’s Day invitations to her event.

compassion sunday 2019 abi smith.png

  • Cyclone Idai relief in Malawi. CSI began raising funds to send water filters, mosquito nets, building materials and food relief.

We don’t know what the rest of 2019 holds but we know who holds it all in His hands. Together we can make a difference in 2019!


Malawi Flood Crisis

Malawi Flood 2019

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has declared Malawi in a state of emergency.

As of today (March 28th), 13 districts have reported that 59 people have died and 672 have been injured. Malawi has over 200,000 people nationwide that have lost their homes. Flood waters have literally washed everything away.

Hundreds of UPC of Malawi members have lost their homes, along with everything they own. Their crops washed away, they have no food, no clean drinking water, and only the clothes on their back are left.  The loss of crops is devastating on two fronts due to the fact that Malawians use half the crop for food and the other half to sell so that they can purchase other staples. All wells have been contaminated leaving thousands with no clean drinking water.

malawi flood 2019 5.jpg

CSI has been in contact with Missionary Gibbs who gave us the following report:

  • As of today 12 UPC churches have been destroyed and will need to be rebuilt
  • 3 widows have lost their homes and a member of the UPC was in his house when the house collapsed from the flash flood injuring him severely
  • At least 20 pastors so far have lost their homes from the flooding and all their worldly possessions

CSI is dedicated to helping those personally affected and with rebuilding what has been lost. We are working with Missionary Gibbs on specific needs and clear projects. We will keep our supporters updated through social media. Please join us in showing compassion.

How Can You Help

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Please help make a difference by sending your check/donation to:

Compassion Services International 3333-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles, MO 63301

You can also donate online by clicking the Donate Now link below. Your donation will be used to provide much-needed help, supplies, and relief.




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Happy New Year

As we begin another new year we look ahead with faith and anticipation of all that God has in store for us. We can’t know what disasters our world will face or what type of tragedies families will endure in 2019 but what we can know is that God will provide His love and compassion in every situation. CSI wants to be used by God to offer help and healing in Jesus name whenever we can.

We also look back with gratitude for all of the ways that you partnered with us in 2018 to help people around the world living in the aftermath of disaster and tragedy and those who live in areas of ongoing drought, famine, persecution, and lack of adequate medical services. Each year Compassion Services International sets out to offer hope and help to those in need while sharing the truth about Jesus and the gospel message. Thank you again for making 2018 a remarkable year of doing just that.

feeding our family june 2018 update 2

In the Spring of 2018, many regions of Africa were experiencing drought. In Uganda, UPCI Missionary Phil Tolstad reported that drought caused famine, exasperated by an influx of refugees from South Sudan, was creating a severe humanitarian crisis. He reported that two UPCI ministers wives had passed away as a result. Near that time, we also received a request to purchase grain for the Sahel region of Africa. While we raise funds for our End Hunger campaign throughout the year, these grave needs prompted us to create a drive called, “Feeding Our Family.” Your support helped to provide relief to each of these needs, distributed through the hands of UPCI missionaries.

guatemala volacano relief 2018

Following the volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, the world was quickly inundated with dramatic images of fire and destruction. UPCI Missionary Brad Thompson reported that 10 people associated with the UPC of Guatemala were included among the dead. Following his appeal for relief aid, you quickly helped raise $8,000, which was distributed through Bro. Thompson.

asia medical clinic 2018

During the Summer, a team of CSI volunteer medical personnel partnered with the NextSteps program in South Asia to conduct medical health fairs to hundreds of people at multiple locations. These efforts in combination with the NextSteps program not only met physical needs but opened the door to community outreach and evangelism.

india flood 2018 blocked road

More recently, India experienced devastating floods, damaging several UPCI churches, pastor’s homes, and congregation member’s homes. One local UPCI presbyter reported that all local (Kerala) dams were opened, there were numerous landslides, and more than 100 church families were affected. You and our supporters helped raise nearly $7,000, which was distributed through UPCI missionaries to that area.

We also want to remind you that Compassion Sunday 2019 is fast approaching. Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 24, 2019. This annual event is a time of focus to raise awareness and funds for CSI. We invite pastors and churches to consider a special Compassion Sunday service and presentation. You can join us on February 24, 2019, or on any day that works for you. Global Missions offering credit is available to churches for funds raised for CSI. Together, let’s make 2019 another year highlighted with the works of compassion. We will share additional information and resources with you in the near future.


Wishing You a Hope-Filled Christmas

Philippines 2

These faces. These smiles. When I look at them I see hope. You would never know by looking into these hope-filled eyes that these boys had just lived through a Typhoon that destroyed their hometown. How do you have hope when all seems lost? How do you smile when you are faced with so much tragedy?

Zimbabwe 6

How do you show up to worship outside when you are living in an area of extreme poverty and you don’t know how you and your family will survive? The answer is in a word that I think embodies the Christmas season. That word is HOPE. Christ came to give us the gift that we all want more than anything in a world filled with seemingly hopeless situations, He came to give us hope. Hope came to us in a way that no one expected. It came wrapped in swaddling clothes. Hope has a name, Jesus.

Because our hope is not in anything in this world but in Jesus when all seems lost and when life has turned upside down and it feels as if nothing will ever be right again, we can smile. We can worship. It’s because of Hope. We know that this world feels dark but Hope has come to light up the world. When we look around at all of the tragedy and heartache in the world we want to believe that things can change and with Hope we know that they can. So this Christmas hold onto the Hope that was born in a manger. Hold onto the promise that Hope has come and Hope is always surrounding you.

Thank you for every time that you have given hope this past year. Your prayers and generosity have extended the gift of hope to people in desperate situations around the world. So from all of us at Compassion Services International, we wish you a very merry hope-filled Christmas.

2013-05-10 04.07.48.jpg

3rd Quarter 2018 Update

South Asia Medical Missions Trip 2018

As 2018 continues to pass by CSI wants to thank you for your continued support. During the month of July, our medical volunteers finished up their Community Health Fair and Screening event in South Asia. The team visited 3 locations and were able to provide health care education and screening to hundreds of people. We also continued our Feeding Our Family project and sent additional funding to Africa to purchase grain for families in desperate need.

Guatemala Volcano Relief Delivery_preview

The month of August saw continued flooding in India and we were able to help provide relief supplies to those affected. We also began planning upcoming mission trips for 2019 and 2020. More details will come as the plans are finalized. Be sure to signup for our email list so that you are kept up-to-date on these opportunities.

typhoon mangkhut philippines 2018

As the third quarter came to an end CSI was able to attend the UPCI General Conference in Louisville, KY. This is an annual event attended by thousands of people from around the world. During our time there we were able to talk with several people at our booth area about the mission of CSI and meet some of our supporters which is always a special time. We also began an effort to raise support for Typhoon Mangkhut victims in the Philippines. Thanks to all who have given already.


As we begin the last quarter of 2018 we don’t know what the future holds but we know the one who holds the future. CSI strives to stay prepared for the calls for help that come in and thanks to many of you who faithfully give we are able to send that help. We couldn’t do what we do without you so once again thank you for supporting us this year!

If you want to help us be ready for the future you can donate to one of our projects HERE.