Please Help Central America

The flooding in Central America has affected thousands of people. We know of at least 4 pastors who have lost their homes and of 5 church buildings that have been flooded. Many church members have lost everything. We also have churches in some mountainous areas that were still cut off due to massive mudslides. In Guatemala, President Alvaro Colom declared a “state of calamity” for the entire nation and many people were trapped for days without food and fresh water.

Now the rebuilding begins. In the coming days, weeks and months some of the most important areas of concern will be feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, replanting crops, and treating waterborne illnesses.

How can you help? One of the most effective ways is to send a financial contribution. Sending containers of food and supplies to these areas is very expensive and can take weeks to reach those in need. Financial aid can be sent quickly and can be used to help those in need in numerous ways.

Please prayerfully consider what you can contribute today. Every donation is important and can make a difference to those in this devastating circumstance. Thank you in advance for supporting the people in Central America.


A Tropical Depression has settled over much of Central America causing massive damage. Much of the coastal areas have been flooded; hundreds of communities and thousands of homes have been destroyed. Over 100,000 have been evacuated. Hundreds of government shelters had been set up but many of these shelters have experienced flooding forcing the many evacuees to seek shelter elsewhere. Many of our churches in these nations have experienced flooding, loss of property and even loss of life.
The people of Central America need us to put our Compassion in action today! Donate now at by clicking the donate now button or send a check for Central America Flooding to our office at;
3333-1 Rue Royale
Saint Charles, MO 63301

Compassion Services, Japan and Boy Scouts

Scouts Seek to help Japanese counterparts

Please read the above article that features our very own Mark Majors. We are so excited about the work CSI has been able to do in Japan. There is still much that can be done in Japan and we still need people to get involved. Please be in prayer for those in Japan who are still displaced. You can send donations for Japan to the CSI office. Mail your check to  3333-1 Rue Royale St. Charles, MO 63301  or click the Donate Now button  at

Joplin, MO

We were so excited to have Pastor and Sister Buchanan from Joplin, MO visit the CSI booth at the UPCI General Conference in Louisville, KY last week. They were quick to express their appreciation for the help CSI was able to give to their community during the devastating tornadoes this year. Thank you to everyone who sacrificed to give to this need. Remember that donations can still be made on our website to Joplin and to the many areas around the world that are in need.


Prayers are needed in Kampong Thom a province in Cambodia that has been hit hard with flooding caused by the monsoon rains. Homes have been destroyed and many families have had to evacuate the area. These families are in need of temporary shelter, food, medicine and basic necessities to survive.

It is through your generosity and prayers that Compassion Services International can send aide to those in the affected areas. Donations can be made online and via text at Checks can be sent to:

Compassion Services International

3333-1 Rue Royale

ST. Charles, MO 63301