Exciting News from the- CSI Thomazeau Church Project–HAITI

We received exciting news from Missionary Brian in Haiti concerning the CSI -Thomazeau Church building project. Missionary Brian reported that on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 a team headed out to set the trusses on a new church building in Thomazeau, HAITI. They loaded 3 tons of iron onto the back of a truck. They offered up a group prayer for protection over the job site and for all of the workers before they loaded into the vehicles. Less than a mile into their trip the load begin to shift and they had to pull over to adjust it. One of the workers climbed into the back of the truck and the entire 3 tons of iron crashed down on his legs pinning him against the tailgate of the truck. Everyone began working quickly to release him not knowing the extent of his injuries.When he was finally freed he was perfectly fine. NOT ONE INJURY to his body. His immediate response was, “Thank you for praying. It is the only reason I can be walking!” We give all glory to God for protecting not only this man but the entire team and for allowing them to complete work on the building. It is because of faithful giving to CSI that these projects can continue. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

CSI Medical Clinic in Liberia

We were thrilled to receive new pictures of the CSI Medical Clinic in Liberia. It is because of people like you who  have given to CSI that this clinic is possible.  To see this clinic up and running in large part because of the generosity of CSI contributors is so exciting.  Thousands of people have been treated at this clinic because of your donations. So thank you, to everyone who continues to support the efforts of CSI. Our work is not done and we need everyone to continue to pray for the people of Liberia and to consider additional donations so that the clinic can continue its great work and hopefully expand to include a surgical room and an Orthopedic room. 

Your Donations Are Needed in Central America

We have learned of 4 additional pastors and several more church families who have either lost their homes or are temporarily displaced due to damages caused by the disastrous flooding in this area. Please join CSI as we send financial aid to help those in need. Remember, any donation can benefit those suffering at this time. Your financial gift is one of the most effective ways to help those in need. Please continue to keep the people of Central America in your prayers and thank you for your continued support. You can donate to our general fund online at http://www.compassionservices.org or send a check to our office:
Compassion Services International/Central America Flood
3333-1 Rue Royale St. Charles, MO 63301.

Donations Needed! Get Involved!

Edmund Burke said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” Remember your little is great to those in need around the world. How many times do we think our donation, or our service is too small to make a difference. But, to those in need around the world our smallest efforts can many times make the biggest differences. There are still people around the globe in desperate need of the most basic necessities. Please consider donating to our General Fund so that CSI can send financial aid to those who have been affected by recent disasters. When we serve those in need we truly serve Christ.

Help Still Needed in Central America

Thank you to those who have so generously supported our efforts in Central America. However, the people of Central America still need our prayers and financial support as they begin the rebuilding process. We have churches that have experienced tremendous flood damage and church members who have lost their homes and livelihood. Please consider donating to our General Fund so that we can assist them in their efforts to rebuild their homes and lives. When we give to the least of these we truly give to God.