Countdown to Compassion Sunday 2012! 2/26/2012

Compassion Services International exists because of the generosity of many people. Without the generous gifts of people like you many hurting people around the globe would not receive much-needed medical treatment, food, clean water and basic necessities. Disaster can happen at any time. We can try to prepare our homes and lives for when it happens but, can we ever really be prepared to lose everything? There are thousands around the globe who have experienced the loss of homes, land, jobs, family members and personal possessions because of natural disasters. Sometimes it leaves you with a helpless feeling when you see images of the devastation.

  You wish there was something you could do to help alleviate the suffering. We can’t all go personally and hand out supplies. We are not all qualified to give medical care but,  we all have the ability to give something.  When you give a gift on Compassion Sunday you are enabling CSI to be ready when disaster happens. CSI understands that the first days following a disaster are critical. Your gift  allows financial assistance to be sent immediately to those in need. Supplies can be bought and sent to those who have experienced loss. This is one reason the Compassion Sunday offering is so important. It enables CSI to send help sooner rather than later. Please consider joining us on February 26, 2012 by making a donation to our general fund so that we can be ready to assist those in need in the aftermath of disaster. We appreciate your prayers and support all year. Together we can help a hurting world.

Valentine’s Day 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for the love and support you show to CSI all year with your prayers and financial support. Together we are truly helping  the hurting around the globe.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate the love we have for our friends and family. Many people are spending extra time and money today to show their loved ones how special they are. In fact it is estimated that Americans will spend about $17.6 billion dollars on Valentines’ Day,  which is an average of $126 dollars per person. Those are some staggering numbers. In the excitement of the cards, chocolates and flowers let us not forget to remember that there are many in our world who are still living without access to basic necessities like clean water, enough food and proper medical care.

There is a great campaign happening today called Generosity Day. Generosity Day challenges us to make today about more than greeting cards and candy. The challenge is to find ways to be generous to others. When we are generous to those in need we truly show love and fulfill the command of Jesus to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. You can learn more about Generosity Day at,

There is nothing wrong with participating in the fun of Valentine’s Day but let each one of us remember to couple the fun with making a difference in someone’s life.  Have a fun, chocolate and  compassion  filled day!

Practice Love

Be Generous

Announcing Compassion Sunday- 2/26/2012

We invite you to mark your calendars for Sunday, 2/26/2012. This has been designated as Compassion Sunday. Why is this date so vital for Compassion Services International? The funds raised on Compassion Sunday will enable CSI to respond quickly whenever disaster strikes around the globe. Raising funds for our General Fund helps to  keep CSI a step ahead of disaster and will ensure that those affected by disaster will receive aid sooner rather than later. In 2011 CSI was able to send aid to Joplin, MO, Tuscaloosa, AL, to flood victims in Central America and the Philippines and to Haiti among others from funds raised during last years Compassion Sunday offering. Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us. Your sacrifice makes it all possible.