Recent Support Helped South East Asian Family

Have you asked yourself, Why do I support Compassion Services International? Whenever we donate to a cause it is normal to ask ourselves, are my efforts making a difference? Rest assured that when you support Compassion Services International you are touching lives around the globe. Recently, Compassion Services International was able to help a family in South East Asia rebuild their home after a fire. Along with helping to rebuild their home, Compassion Services International was able to assist the family with much-needed  humanitarian aid. It is because of your generosity and prayers that CSI can answer calls for help like this. Having emergency funds available is vital to send help quickly when disaster strikes. Thank you again for partnering with us financially and in prayer. Together we can reach out to a desperate world.

Travel Opportunity to travel to Jordan to help Syrian Refugees

Compassion Services International has been presented with a unique opportunity to assist Syrian refugees in Jordan with humanitarian aid. CSI is looking for volunteers. The most needful persons in Jordan are teachers, psychologists, trauma experts, and simple laborers who can handle distribution, but medical personnel are welcome to apply.  Listed below is an estimated budget for a two week stay. Anyone interested can email for an application.

Budget for Two Weeks in Jordan

Ticket with Royal Jordanian or Delta/Northwest costs approximately $1500 or less in the winter and $2000 or less in the summer.

Visa (as tourist) is attainable at the airport for all US and Canadian passport holders. The cost for US citizens is approximately $28 USD.


 Amman:  Furnished two-bedroom apartment  in a very secure area.  Free rent

Husan: Furnished two-bedroom apartment in Husan, Jordan.  Free rent.

Utilities: Approximately $150 US (if use of AC is conservative.) This amount is payable to the representative up front.  Bills arrive a month later.

Food costs   You would be responsible for your own food preparation…fully furnished kitchen.  $250$500  (this includes eating out sometimes). 

Transportation Costs: Both apartments are on taxi routes and near bus routes. (Both are extremely reasonable in cost.)    $50 or less (more for tourism),

The total living expense for two weeks is less than $700. If a person is conservative, he could do this for $500.  This does not include your ticket or medical insurance.  We suggest travel insurance along with your ticket to cover any emergency situations.

There is heat and air conditioning in the building.  It is fully furnished.  All you would need to bring is your clothing and toiletry items.  In fact, US toiletries are available in Jordan.  All medicines except narcotics are readily available without prescriptions and lower in cost than in the USA.  A typical doctor’s visit is between $14 and $28 USD.

Medical facilities in Jordan are excellent and near the apartment.

English is the second language.  Signs are written in English and Arabic.  You will find it is an easy country for American visitors

The Dinar is linked to our US dollar and is comparable in buying power.  It is worth $1.40.  American products are readily available.  Amman is a world-class city with many Western merchants and restaurants.  This country is also very secure.  The apartment is in one of the most secure areas of the entire city, because of the presence of Embassies and hotels.  The landlord’s brother lives upstairs and is very helpful.  The landlord lives in Canada.  The building is managed by a real estate agency.

Syrian Refugees, Fiji Flood Victims, African Drought Relief-What can I do?

Some days it seems like the need in our world escalates and we think what can I do that will make a difference? Personally we can’t all be on the front lines but we do have the opportunity to help those in need. By supporting Compassion Services International with prayer and financial donations you are helping to meet the needs of some of our world’s most vulnerable citizens. Right now we have the opportunity to help Syrian Refugees with humanitarian aid,  but we need your help. We can offer assistance to recent flood victims in Fiji who have lost their homes,  but we need your help. We are still working to help those in Africa who are suffering a food crisis due to the drought. Bags of grain can still be purchased, but we need your help. We have upcoming medical trips planned to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and are still collecting medical supplies and funds to purchase items for family packs that will be distributed. The clinic in Liberia is operating and treating hundreds every month but they can’t do it alone. We have learned that disaster can strike at anytime and anywhere. It is vital that CSI has emergency funds immediately available so that when these needs arise action can happen quickly. When the needs are great every prayer and every donation matter. Nothing is too small. Please prayerfully consider what your role is in reaching out to a hurting world. You can donate now by visiting and clicking the Donate Now button.  Proverbs 14:21  tells us, It’s criminal to ignore a neighbor in need, but compassion for the poor-what a blessing. The Message