The Need Is Great-My Gift Seems Small

Have you ever looked around and thought, there are so many needs in the world, how can I make a difference? Compassion Services International understands this all too well. There are so many needs in the world. We wish that we could help everyone and meet every need. Unfortunately that is not possible. So the question becomes, since I can’t help everyone, should I even bother helping? I think we all know the answer. Of course we continue helping. But will it matter? Can my small gift really amount to anything?

In recent weeks the Philippines has experienced massive flooding which has caused wide-spread devastation. The flooding has affected more than 2 million people. CSI doesn’t have the available resources to help that many people. We can’t rebuild all of the buildings that have been destroyed. So what do we do? Our contacts on the ground have been in touch with four churches that have experienced extensive damage and more than 400 families connected to these churches have also been affected. Many of them having to evacuate their homes.

CSI is in the process of raising $15,000.00 to assist these churches and families. The funds raised will help to supply food, bottled water, medication, vitamins and building supplies.

Is helping hundreds making a difference when millions are suffering? To answer that question I am reminded of the story about the little boy and the star fish. Many of you have probably heard the story many times. But its message seems fitting. One day a boy walking on the beach saw hundreds of star fish in the sand. The tide was out and he knew that the star fish couldn’t get back into the ocean by themselves. He began walking down the beach and one by one he would pick up a star fish and gently toss it back into the ocean. An older man saw what he was doing and seeing the hundreds of star fish and miles of beach told the little boy that he couldn’t possibly save them all so he wouldn’t make that big of a difference. The little boy smiled. He picked up another star fish and as he tossed it into the ocean he said, I made a difference for that one.

CSI realizes that many of you can’t give thousands or even hundreds of dollars at this time. But instead of not giving because you feel your gift is small in comparison to a need that is so great, we ask that you would consider giving what you can. Help the one that without your gift won’t get help. In the eyes of those in need every gift matters. You and your gift will make a difference.

Thank you for your consideration and please remember to pray for the people in the Philippines.

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