Thank You For Answering The Call!

Compassion Services International is so thankful for everyone who has donated during the last few weeks to help Survivors of Sandy.  CSI sent forth a call for help and our supporters answered the call. CSI had people on the ground on the East Coast delivering supplies to affected areas within days of the storm. We were able to partner with nearby churches who agreed to act as distribution centers. These distribution centers were set up to accept donations from all over the country. We received many phone calls from groups who were sending supplies from several states. One of our donors, Robin Baker from a small town in Georgia decided to answer the call and before all was said and done she was sending an 18 wheeler filled with relief supplies to New Jersey.


CSI took up residence in Bensalem, PA at The Salem Creekside Inn for more than two weeks.  The Inn  agreed to be a drop off location as well. Once word got out in the community the supply donations kept coming in. These supplies along with what we were able to collect locally in the St. Louis, MO area were able to be taken to distribution centers in some of the hardest hit areas of New Jersey. We can’t say thank you enough for the sacrifices so many of you made to help those in need. It truly is because of you that CSI was able to deliver the needed supplies to those who needed them most.  We will be posting more pictures soon but wanted to let you know how much your support means and to let you know that together we were able to help many in need. Thank You!!


Guatemala Needs You

In recent days Guatemala has suffered widespread damage after a 7.5 earthquake rattled the area. CSI has been in contact with people in the area and we have been informed of two pastors who have lost their homes and another pastor’s home sustained severe damage. We also know of 10 church families who either lost their homes or suffered major damage to their homes. While CSI is still continuing our appeal to help Survivors Of Sandy on the East Coast we are also hoping to help these in Guatemala who are suffering. The families who experienced the loss or damage of their homes live in a very poor region and are in desperate need. If you can help, donations can be made to our General Fund at you can reference Guatemala in the comment field. You can also mail donations to our office located at: 3333-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles, MO 63301. Thank you in advance for answering the call for help at home and abroad.

Pictures And Info On How CSI Is Helping Survivors Of Sandy

Because of your generous donations CSI has been able to assist with the relief effort on the East Coast.

Trailer in Georgia preparing to head East!

Getting the trailer loaded in Georgia

Thank you Mableton, GA

Last week our Disaster Relief Coordinator, Mark Majors, made his way to Trenton,  N.J.. Mark owns an ambulance company and has worked closely with the US government, US military and other relief agencies both domestically and internationally. By the end of the weekend he had secured a contract to provide medical and security for a group of 4,000 electrical workers trying to restore power to the northeast.
Mark made contacts there on behalf of CSI and has already secured several trailer loads of donated goods for CSI to distribute. These were given by local people there who were directed to CSI’s website! There is still a great need of supplies for this area and on Monday, November 12 CSI will be sending a 20 foot trailer full of supplies. Our office Manager, Michelle LaVoi, will be going with the trailer to help us facilitate the logistics of distribution along with those on the ground in Trenton. At the moment there is also a trailer full of supplies on the way from Georgia and another trailer from Louisiana will depart November 15.There is still a need for finances so if you can donate funds, please consider that as well. This can be done at  or you can mail a check to our office located at 3333-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles, MO 63301. CSI wants to do all we can to help those who are in need.

Survivors of Sandy- SOS Appeal!

With dropping temperatures on the East Coast and many still without power the need for coats and blankets has increased.  You can click the link below for our SOS flyer that includes a list of needed supplies and distribution centers.

Additional Distribution Centers have been added:
Oneness Pentecostal  Tabernacle
198-01 Linden Boulevard
St Albans NY 11412
Rev. Lincoln Graham Jr (516)-782-1638 Cell  (718)-525-0862  Office

Salem Creekside Inn- 1031 Totem Rd, Bensalem, Pa 19020

If you prefer you can donate financially  at and donate to our General Fund. We appreciate everyone who has already donated and to those who have contacted us about shipping supplies to the needed areas. Together we can help many!


The east coast has suffered massive destruction due to the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Compassion Services International wants to ensure that those who have lost so much get the help they desperately need. You can help.
You can partner with CSI by donating at If your church wishes to donate supplies, several distribution centers are available to receive shipments.
Click the link below to download a flyer/ bulletin insert that includes a list of needed supplies and shipping instructions.
Thank you for your commitment to help those in need.
Your donations are Compassion In Action.
Together we can make a difference.