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CSI is excited to announce the launch of our new website. The address is the same but the look is brand new. We hope that you enjoy the enhancements that the new site offers. By visiting you can keep updated on current and past projects as well as view our in-depth photos. You can learn more about the CSI mission and our staff. You can also keep up to date on our blog and donate to help the efforts of CSI around the world.  While there we also invite you to connect with us via facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, flickr and vimeo. We want to stay connected to you.

It is because of your continued support that CSI can help those in need. We appreciate everyone who has partnered with us in prayer, financially and by sending us encouraging words. We do welcome meaningful feedback so if you have ideas and suggestions we will be happy to review them. We really feel that this is a partnership and that together we are going to see lives impacted for good.

We also want to remind you to Save The Date, 2/24/13. This is our annual Compassion Sunday Offering! You can click the Compassion Sunday link on our website to download some free resources that you can use to get your church or group involved. This is a day we set aside each year to raise funds for our General Fund so that we can be ready to answer the call for help immediately. So we invite you to get involved. Join us as we reach out to a world in need!


Urgent Needs In Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nigeria

Compassion Services International has received three urgent request in recent days. We ask that you prayerfully consider a donation to Compassion Services International so that relief supplies can reach those in need.

Bangladesh: Coldest temperatures in five decades have brought normal life to a veritable standstill. Many in this area are just not prepared for this type of cold weather. This is especially true for those who live in Shanty towns or those who are homeless. Another concern is the increase of cold related illness striking those who can’t receive proper medical care.  CSI has been in contact with a missionary on the ground who is awaiting funds so that warm clothing, blankets and other relief supplies can be purchased and distributed to those in the greatest need.

Photo Credit: S. Dilip Roy

Photo Credit: S. Dilip Roy

Sri Lanka: Cyclone Nilam displaced thousands who have had to take shelter in make-shift camps. CSI would like to send $5,000.00 to help those who need. This amount would allow our contacts to begin assisting with rebuilding and would allow other relief supplies to be given to those who have lost so much.

Photo Credit: Reuters File

Photo Credit: Reuters File

Nigeria: Massive flooding has caused hundreds of deaths and displaced millions. We know of five pastors who have lost their homes and dozens of their church members lost homes and crops. This is devastating because these families depend on their crops for income and for food. The need here is great, $225,000.00. We believe that God can provide this amount and CSI wants to do its part. We need your help.

nigeria flooding

Let’s start 2013 off by sharing the blessings that God has given to us by giving to those who have so little. Without our help many of those in need will suffer dire consequences. Together let’s change our world.