No Shame in the Small

Today I had the opportunity to help someone in my community. This person has an amazing opportunity to go to France to complete some course work for her schooling. She is hoping to raise $5,000.00. I don’t have $5,000.00. I don’t have $500.00 that I can donate to her. To be honest I don’t have an extra $50.00 for this cause. So what could I do? Well I decided that I could do $10.00. When I went to the page to donate I felt embarrassed because I thought, what is $10.00 going to do for her? But then I said, you know what, if every single one of her friends and family members gave her $10.00-$15.00 I bet she would raise more than enough. So I entered my credit card information and hit submit.


Why am I sharing this story? It is to hopefully convey the simple message, there is no shame in the small. At CSI the needs we get presented with are sometimes large. In the aftermath of natural disasters when lives and communities have been devastated the financial burden seems impossible at times. When we send out an appeal that we need to raise $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 to help people in need I wonder if there are many who simply don’t give because they feel like their small won’t matter. I am here to tell you that the small gifts, the medium gifts and the large gifts, they all matter. It is simply each person doing their part. Maybe you are someone that has an abundance and you can give a large gift. But maybe you are like many of our donors who feel like the widow with the two mites. You give because you know that God has called you to help the least of these and you don’t care if yours is the largest offering. You just know you have to give and then you see God reward your giving. I am not promising the reward will always be a financial reward but believe me God will send a blessing.

So this Compassion Sunday, 2/23/14, I am simply asking that each of us prayerfully consider what God might be asking us to give. Maybe some can give the amount of their car payment. Maybe some can give an amount equal to what they spend on groceries each week. Or maybe you can give the price of your latte or Friday night pizza. Whatever it is, CSI is blessed because of every gift. There is no Shame in the Small. God sees and rewards every sacrifice and gift. God uses every gift to help those in need.



Thank you for your prayers and support that help us answer the calls for help when they come. You make it possible for CSI to do what we do and CSI wouldn’t exist without you.

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