Final Update From Team Dominican

The Dominican Team completed there third full day of clinics. In the morning clinic in Cabia the team saw 74 patients. In the afternoon they traveled to Imbert and they saw 113 patients. At the clinic in Imbert there was a construction crew working across the street from the clinic. A few of the team went to talk with them and discovered that some of them men had minor injuries sustained in their line of work. The team was able to provide some medical care to these men and invited them to come tour the church where the clinic was set up. One of the biggest highlights for the team was watching the sonograms on the pregnant women that came to the clinics. Most of these women do not have access to this type of procedure. One couple came to the clinic and had a sonogram and were able to hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. There wasn’t a dry eye as the team watched the couple experience this for the first and probably only time during her pregnancy.

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This team had a two-fold mission during this trip. They were meeting physical needs but were sensitive to the opportunities that God gave to share the gospel and open doors in the community for the local church.One young man stopped by that had been recently delivered from drugs and alcohol. The team was able to pray with him and rejoice with him over all that God has done for him.

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This team has worked incredibly long days. Traveling each morning by bus to their first stop, setting up the clinic then seeing patients and packing up and loading back on the bus to travel to the second clinic location to do it all again.

This team saw over 700 patients in 3 days. Dominican 2015 8

God has certainly provided strength to each member. The host missionary, Steve Shirley provided exemplary organization and leadership. The team was blessed to have Darlin who was a member of a local church serve as an interpreter for two days. She made all the ladies on the team homemade hair accessories. The bus driver, ChiChi brought the team cacao fruit and coconut. During this last night the team enjoyed a nice pasta dinner back at the residence and then enjoyed a relaxing walk on the beach. Each member feels like they have been changed for life and they feel bonded together as if they were a special ops army. We can’t know the profound impact this team has had on God’s Kingdom through their work in the Dominican Republic. Thank you to everyone who has prayerfully and financially supported this team.

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More From The Dominican Republic 2015

Day 3 on March 25, 2015 sent our team first to Padre Negro. The team had to walk through narrow streets through neighborhoods to get to the church where they would be setting up the clinic. Each volunteer has a role to fulfill and it is as if God truly handpicked this team because everyone works together so well and acts as if they have been working together for years. There is a registration team, a triage team, the doctor and his team, the pharmacy team, the oral hygienist and her team and the translators who assist each team. After the clinic in Padre Negro the team headed to Teleferico. This was a difficult area for the bus to reach due to the small and bumpy roads so the team walked through Teleferico carrying the clinic supplies. That afternoon the clinic served 100 patients. The dental hygienist was able to see 55 patients and vitamins were able to be distributed to nearly every patient. This is such a blessing to those coming to clinic since they do not have immediate access to something most of us take for granted.

The Team

The Team

The team not only treats the physical needs of the patients but they also provide prayer and counseling. There were two patients in the afternoon clinic who had each lost a brother recently and the team was able to pray for them. This is a team who believes in the power of prayer and they readily pray for their patients as well as provide physical care. But they know that, Jesus is the true healer! Today’s clinics brought several children so the team was able to interact with them  which is always a special time. Dr. Park was also able to perform a sonogram on an infant which detected a heart murmur so Dr. Park was able to direct the mother to seek medical attention from a local doctor as well.

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This trip is a very important mission for the local churches and communities. This team is bringing the Gospel via a humanitarian doorway. All the neighbors are seeing these churches as a lighthouse and a church that cares for their community, just as Jesus would do.

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Dominican Republic Mission Trip 2015

On March 23, 2015 the CSI team departed Miami for the Dominican Republic. The CSI team arrived in Santiago and then traveled 1.5 hours to Puerto Plata. The day had already been long but to be prepared for the next 3 full days of clinics they had to sort and pack all of the medication and supplies.

The team ready to depart

The team ready to depart

First night sorting and packing for upcoming clinics

First night sorting and packing for upcoming clinics

On March 24th the team conducted a morning clinic in a church in Barrio Lindo. The first order of business with these types of clinics is to get everything set up. The team quickly turned a simple stone building into a medical clinic that included; triage, physician’s check-up room, dental area and a pharmacy. The team treated 85 patients at the first clinic. Then it was time to take everything down and pack it up to go to the next clinic location in Villa Liberacion. Once the team arrived they repeated the process of getting the clinic set up and then began treating patients. They treated 65 patients at the afternoon clinic.

Our team Doctor is Doctor Jay Park. He has a unique way of taking a patients history and is able in many instances able to get patients to engage in a deeper conversation. One female patient was telling Dr. Jay about a prior surgery and her need for possibly another surgery but admitted that the only one who could help her was God. Dr. Jay told the woman, “I traveled a 1000 miles to see you today.” Dr. Jay began telling her about his previous trip to the Dominican where he had seen people healed by God and he asked her if he could pray for her. She began to weep and lifted her hands. Dr. Jay and Nurse Susan who was assisting described how the Holy Spirit moved into the room. The patient said that her pain was better and that she was trusting God for her complete healing. Dr. Jay told Susan, “This is the reason why I am here. Everything else is minor.”

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The team will be sharing more about their trip in the next few days. Please remember to keep them in your prayers. If you would like to help with our Medical Mission Trips you can donate here:

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Cyclone Pam Causes Devastation in Vanuatu

On the evening of March 13, 2015, CSI received the news that a Category 5 Cyclone had hit Vanuatu. Cyclone Pam was a massive storm with winds reaching 185 mph and torrential rain which caused severe devastation to the area. Cyclone Pam is the strongest storm to hit land since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013.

Where is Vanuatu? Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is made up of 82 relatively small islands of which 65 are inhabited with a population of approximately 267,000 people.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Cyclone Pam claimed at least 24 lives and injured dozens more. The capital, Port Vila has been almost completely wiped off the map. The President stated that 90% of the buildings in Port Vila were damaged or destroyed. One main concern is the threat of food shortages. Crops have been wiped away, livestock was washed away and much of the food in storage was also destroyed. CSI is partnering with missionary workers on the ground who are currently helping dozens of people by providing shelter and food relief but supplies are running low. The Bible School where evacuees are being housed has also experienced widespread damage to several buildings and the church on the property has been destroyed.

Vanuatu Church

Vanuatu Church

Our partners on the ground let us know that during the storm they were able to house several people who had to evacuate their homes and feed them but that their food supply was running out.  A couple of restaurants nearby have now opened and are allowing people to purchase the limited stock they had so CSI sent emergency funds to help with this purchase. Thank you to all of you who have partnered with CSI to make it possible for us to send these funds.

Food distribution during the storm

CSI is still working with those on the ground to assess the current needs and determine the best way for CSI to help. As we continue our assessment we will be raising funds for ongoing and future aid. Thousands of people have been affected by this storm of which more than 60,000 are children. Please join us in praying for the missionaries on the ground and the members of the church who are working to provide for the physical needs of storm victims while sharing the gospel of Christ. We may not understand God’s ways but we know that He is good all the time and the missionaries and church members in Vanuatu are relying on God’s goodness and for all of us to do our part by praying and giving as we are able.

You can give to our Cyclone Pam Fund by donating online at:

You can send check donations to: Compassion Services International, 3333-1 Rue Royale, Saint Charles, MO 63301.

Cyclone Pam in Pictures