Nepal Update

Three days after a devastating 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal the CSI Disaster Assessment team landed in Kathmandu. While the team was in Nepal they had the opportunity to visit several villages that had experienced severe damage and thanks to the generosity of people like you, they were able to provide relief supplies and food to many people in desperate need. On their first stop in the city of Imadol the team visited a small house church. The home where the church meets was completely destroyed. The CSI team was able to provide; blankets, tarps, medication, a water purification system for the neighborhood and a week’s worth of food for about 50 people. In Kathmandu the team visited New Beginnings Children’s Home. Thankfully the building did not suffer any damage and there were no injuries. We were able to replenish their depleted first aid kit as well as leave vitamins and other basic medication for the children from donated supplies that the team brought with them from the United States. As the team continued to work on the ground in the Kathmandu they received word that a church in the Dhading District, Lapa and Lapchat villages were in need of food, blankets and other basic supplies. This is an area in the northern region of Nepal and is a 3-5 day journey one way. CSI purchased blankets, tarps and food and sent medical supplies as well as some water purification systems for the villages. On Sunday morning Brother Sanjit departed to deliver these supplies. Due to the required travel time the CSI team was not able to make this trip. In Pokhara the team purchased additional medications and sent them with a traveling Napalese nurse so that she could use them when visiting other outlying areas. The team also visited Bhaktapur which was one of the hardest hit areas. The destruction was devastating as much of the city was reduced to crumbled piles of bricks. As we stepped into a severely damaged building we saw two women who were drawing water from a well. They were staying in a tent city that had been set up and only returned to their home to get water and to try and salvage other belongings. As we talked to them we found out that they worked at a local school that had been destroyed. We were then able to meet the principal of the school and help them with funds to help with the children who are now living in tents near the school. The people of Nepal have a long road ahead of them. Many people are choosing to live outdoors even if their homes have not been completely destroyed due to fear of aftershocks and the stability of the buildings. CSI is committed to helping people rebuild homes and churches. We can’t do it without you though. We have raised almost $20,000.00 and we can’t say thank you enough for your generosity. However, we would like to raise an additional $80,000.00 in the next 30 days. Can you, your church or business help us meet that goal? You can donate here: Nepal Earthquake Fund.

Watch video footage from our trip HERE.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. You truly are being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need!

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