2015 Third Quarter Update

Third Quarter Events
CSI was excited to attend the UPCI North American Youth Congress in Oklahoma in July and the UPCI General Conference in Nashville. CSI was able to meet so many of our supporters which is one of our favorite things to do. Thanks to everyone who stopped by out booths during these events.

csi booth
Third Quarter Projects
During the third quarter of 2015 CSI donors gave thousands of dollars to help people in need around the world.
JulyBurkina Faso, Africa: Funding sent to assist with food relief, medical assistance and livestock purchase. Grain and corn were purchased and distributed to hundreds of people. Goats were purchased for an area pastor. CSI was also able to provide funding to provide surgery for a boy named, Nassirou who had a severe leg infection.
Pakistan: CSI provided funding to assist with the medical expenses of a pastor who was shot while fleeing a dangerous group of men. The surgery was successful and the pastor is on the mend and continuing to preach the gospel amidst ongoing conflict.


AugustBurkina Faso: CSI donors once again gave generously to help provide a prosthetic limb to a young orphan boy named Saydou who lost his arm in a fall last year.
Mozambique: Massive flooding caused widespread damage. Assistance was sent to help more than 2000 people who lost everything. Six members of one family perished during this tragic event. Food, clothing and temporary shelter materials were provided to these families.
Myanmar: Flooding also affected Myanmar during the month of August. CSI donors provided funding to help purchase blankets and to help provide temporary shelter.

SeptemberPakistan: CSI is committed to helping with the refugee crisis around the world. During the month of September we began raising funds to help relocate refugee families fleeing their homes because of the persecution they were faced with because of their belief in Christ. We are still raising funds to help refugees so if you were not able to give when the original appeal was sent you can still donate today! Donate Now
India: Northeast India experience massive flooding during the month of September. CSI began raising funds to help rebuild 166 homes and 1 church that were damaged or destroyed. To donate to this ongoing effort Donate Here

Saydou from Burkina Faso

Join Our Cause
CSI values all of our partners. We have financial partners, prayer partners and partners who help raise awareness about CSI and our mission. Thank you for all you do. We invite you to prayerfully consider how you can partner with CSI in the coming months. One way you can partner with CSI is by becoming a monthly donor. It is easy and secure to set up a recurring monthly donation on our website. You can choose which fund you would like to donate to. Visit our donation page to learn about the different fund options and to set up your recurring donation. CSI Donation Page Learn More

Fundraising Update
CSI raises money all year even when we are not responding to a current disaster. We have to be prepared to send emergency relief whenever disaster happens. When disaster happens those needing help can’t afford to wait. CSI wants to be ready to answer the call for help quickly. 2015 is quickly coming to an end and you can help CSI end the year with emergency funds available. Thank you so much for your generosity. It is because of you that CSI is able to assist thousands of people all over the year every year. Donate now

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