Tents For Fiji

Fiji 2016 3Cyclone Winston is the strongest storm to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere. More than 40 people perished and the storm left tens of thousands homeless. CSI is working with our contacts on the ground to assess how we can best help those in need. Right now with your help we hope to provide tents to 17 churches so that they can continue to hold services during the rebuilding process. We would also like to provide tents to house 10 pastors. The cost of the each tent is between $1,200.00- $2,000.00.

Can you donate to purchase a tent? Could your church purchase 1 or 2 tents? What about your Youth Group? Could you and your co-workers go together to provide a tent?

One person said that when they saw that the churches had been destroyed or damaged they began to lose hope. With you help, CSI can restore hope to Fiji by helping to provide places for people to worship and pray together during the rebuilding process.

People are waiting for help! Donate to Tents For FijiFiji 2016

You can learn more about the destruction and view more pictures from abc.au.net HERE

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