1st Quarter 2016 Update

Thank you for giving hope to people around the world. Already this year we have seen major flooding, earthquakes, cyclones and tornadoes affecting thousands of people. Because of  your generous donations during the first quarter of 2016, food relief and tents for temporary shelter were sent to Fiji after Cyclone Winston, the strongest storm to hit the Southern Hemisphere, caused widespread damage. In some areas entire communities were completely destroyed but because of you, people have begun to rebuild their lives.

Fiji 2016 2

Food Relief in Fiji


Thank you for your continued support to our Rapid Response Fund. This fund ensures that CSI is ready to send help sooner rather than later when disaster strikes.

On February 15, 2016 a team of 16 volunteers left Miami, Florida headed for Cap Haitien, Haiti with the goal of setting up medical clinics and visiting three orphanages in northern Haiti. During the 3 days of clinics the team saw over 400 patients. There were some patients who had medical needs that needed more than the medicine that the team had with them. In these instances they did what they knew they could, they called on the name of Jesus. Being able to not only minister to people’s physical needs but also their spiritual needs was a special opportunity. Volunteer, Dave Molina said, ” What is exciting about working with an organization like CSI is that it is the balance between active social justice and the ministry of the Spirit-filled church.” At the orphanage visits the team played with the children and passed out toys, candy and medicine. Volunteer, Karissa Dorf said, “To visit the orphanages in Haiti was to leave a piece of her heart in Haiti.” She was also struck by how people who had so little were still willing to give what they had. The children in the picture below each had two stickers but they wanted to give Karissa one. Even though they have little they know that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Haiti children 2016 stickers

CSI medical mission trips give volunteers the opportunity to let the love of Christ show through as people’s physical needs are met and gives volunteers the chance to practice Christianity in a way that many seldom get the chance to do. As Dr. Camra Faulkner shared, ” I regret that I did not come sooner. I regret that I could not stay longer.”

If you are interested in being a volunteer to help the hurting be sure to sign up for our Mailing List. By joining our list you will receive the latest information about upcoming trips and projects.

Our annual Compassion Sunday event was held on February 28, 2016. This is an annual event that helps CSI raise the funds needed for us to respond to emergency situations. We also sent out a survey about Compassion Sunday. If you were not able to take our survey you can do that HERE. This survey will help CSI plan for future events. We value your input.

In March, CSI board member, Lloyd Shirley, visited areas in Louisiana that had suffered major flooding. Once again you put your Compassion in Action and we were able to send aid to families to help with food relief and other basic necessities.

Louisiana Flooding 2016 7

CSI Board Member, Lloyd Shirley in Louisiana

As 2016 continues we know that we will see many more disasters around the world. CSI is dedicated to answering as many calls for help as we can. We can’t be ready without your help. We have many ways that you can give.

  • Donate online at compassionservices.org
  • Mail your donation to: Compassion Services International, 3333-1 Rue Royals, St. Charles, MO 63301.
  • Text your donation to 636-205-0999
  • Give while you shop on Amazon with Amazon Smile
  • Register your Kroger Plus card Here

Thank you for a great 1st quarter. We couldn’t do what we do without you.