2nd Quarter 2016 Update

Texas Flooding 2016
Texas Flooding
In May, CSI received a request to assist 18 families in the state of Texas. These families unfortunately do not have flood insurance. CSI has been hoping to raise enough funds to send each family $3,500.00 to help them during this difficult time. At this time we are not able to meet this need due to lack of financial resources. We are still accepting donations to help these families so it isn’t too late to give.

Donate to help Texas flood victims

Canadian wildfire 2
Fire Damage
Canadian Wildfire
In May, CSI also received a request to help Canadian wildfire victims. The fire destroyed thousands of homes and buildings and causing damage to thousands more. 88,000 people had to flee, many with just a moments’ notice so they were not able to retrieve personal possessions. We learned of one church that we work with that was completely destroyed with all of the church members in Fort McMurray being displaced. Not only have people lost their homes but their jobs are being interrupted to. CSI is still taking donations for Canadian wildfire victims.

Donate to Canadian Wildfire Relief

The People of Uganda
Food and Water Relief
Your donations during the second quarter purchased nearly 3000 pounds of grain to feed people in South Sudan and 1500 pounds of seed for the people to plant. 8800 pounds of Corn was purchased for Burkina Faso that was able to be used for immediate food relief and for planting. In Uganda due to the drought and famine many people were only able to eat 1 meal every few days.Your donations allowed 9 villages to receive food and water for 2-3 months. We can’t thank you enough for giving to help those who are suffering. When missionaries and pastors can go to a place and offer physical relief it opens up opportunities for prayer and Bible study. When people see the love of Christ in action by His people it breaks down barriers and softens hearts. We are Christ’s hands and feet in a world filled with suffering and brokenness.

Hunger and clean water are ongoing needs in many areas of the world. If you would like to continue the fight to end hunger and to provide clean water you can donate today!

South Sudan 5
The People of South Sudan
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