3rd Quarter 2016 Update

The third quarter started with CSI sending aid to Burkina Faso to help with an urgent medical situation, grain distribution and the purchase of goats for area pastors. CSI believes that when we help missionaries meet the physical needs of the people in their region it helps to open doors to share the gospel of Christ. Below is a picture of David, who received medical care thanks to your donations, getting baptized.



During the third quarter of 2016 devastating flooding in Louisiana destroyed hundreds of homes, churches and other buildings. Some of the CSI board members were able to travel to Louisiana to meet with pastors who had experienced major damage to not only their churches but to their homes as well. The CSI disaster response trailer was able to deliver supplies to affected areas and thanks to our generous donors we were able to provide the Louisiana UPC District as well as 5 churches with financial assistance to help with repairs.


CSI also traveled to Indianapolis to attend the UPCI General Conference. We were able to have two booth locations this year which meant we could meet even more of you. We always have a great time connecting with you.


Thank you for all of your prayers and support during the third quarter of 2016. We are well into the 4th quarter and we hope we can depend on you to help us with our current projects. Be sure to visit www.compassionservices.org to learn more.