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Valentine’s Day is almost here. For many this a day filled with gestures of flowers, candy, dinner and other gifts to someone important in our life. This year at CSI we have some easy ways for you to share the love with the people in your life while also sharing love with people in need around the world.

One easy way is to use this LINK when you shop at Amazon for your gifts.


So not only can you find the perfect gift for that someone special you will automatically ensure that CSI receives a donation. That’s a win-win.

From now until 2/14/16 you can also download one of our Valentine’s Day Certificates and give a gift to our #restorehaiti project to help rebuild 4 churches that were badly damaged during Hurricane Matthew. This is a lasting gift that you can give in someone’s name that will last much longer than flowers and do more good than any box of chocolates. Print your certificate below and be sure to post a picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.



We hope that your day is filled with lots of love but don’t keep that love to yourself. Make sure you share that love with the world around you.

CSI has so many ongoing projects that need some love shown to them.

3 urgent medical mission needs. Your donation will help to provide brain surgery, spinal surgery and help with a cochlear implant. There are so many people in our world who live in areas where they do not have access to adequate medical care or are unable to cover the costs of needed procedures and medications. When you give to Medical Missions you are sending hope and healing in the name of Jesus.  Donate Now

Georgia tornado victims are still in need. Many are still displaced and are in need of necessities that you and I take for granted. CSI is working with a local church to help provide gift cards to families so that they can purchase personal hygiene items, underwear, diapers and other basics. Donate Now



CSI is also helping fire victims in Chile. The fires are the worst wildfires in the country’s modern history and have destroyed wide areas of the central-south regions. Nearly 7,000 people in the region have lost their homes, and the earliest reports say that seven people have died, 298 were injured, 1192 evacuated and 1088 in shelters, as a result of the flames.chile-fires-2017s a

We are working with a local missionary to help families from a local church who have lost everything in these fires. When our brothers and sisters are in need we believe that as God’s people we need to send help. Not only our prayers but the physical help that they are in need of as well. Donate Now

Thank you so much for all the love that you show to CSI during the year. You make the difference in the lives of so many.

Restore Haiti-Double Your Donation


During the early morning hours of October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm hammered Haiti with deadly wind and rain. Months later people are still needing help. The city of Jeremie took the most direct hit and 80% of the towns buildings were leveled. CSI is committed to not forgetting the people of Haiti in their time of need. Through our Restore Haiti project you have the opportunity to rebuild 4 churches one of which is located in Jeremie.


Damaged church building

The churches you can help restore  are located in Kenscoff, Jeremie, Cayes and Miragoane. Missionaries Ron and Terry Brian are on location and have people ready to do the work. They are able to buy the supplies locally which will help the local economy. The thing missing is the finances to do the work.

The exciting news is that for the next 14 days your donation will go twice as far! CSI has $40,000 in matching money. This means that any donation received up to $40,000 for the Restore Haiti project will be matched. So if you give $100 it becomes $200. If you can give $1000 it will become $2000! Also if you donate $500 or more in the next 14 days you will be able to receive an engraved commemorative tile. If you have never given financially to CSI,  now is the time. If we can double this $40,000 in the next 14 days we can get all of the needed repairs completed. What a blessing to the people of Haiti to know that they have not been forgotten.

3rdchurch2Worship service I attended in Haiti

Having the comfort of the house of God to gather in and worship in means so much during normal circumstances but especially during times like these. I have had the privilege of worshiping in Haiti and it was one of the most authentic and beautiful experiences of my life.

One of the cities I traveled to while in Haiti was Kenscoff. The picture below is when we were doing a 1 day medical clinic in the church a few years ago.


Hurricane Matthew has left the church in ruins. But you can help rebuild it!


Maybe you have been thinking about donating to CSI but just haven’t done it yet. We invite you to take the step now. Let your first donation do twice as much good. We have made it easy and fun to donate. Just head over to and check out the Restore Haiti page where you can make a safe and quick online donation. You can also find some fun Valentine’s Day printables. We invite you to print one out and then take a picture of it or snap a selfie with it and post it on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter. You can do one for yourself and there is also a link so that you can do one in honor of or in memory of someone. If you donate $500 or more you will also be able to receive an engraved commemorative tile. So lets show some love to Haiti these next 14 days.




We can’t thank you enough for all of your support!