Peru Flooding Crisis

CSI is working with missionary Dominguez in Peru to assess how we can best assist the people of Peru who have been affected by the recent flooding crisis. 72 people have perished in the worst flooding the area has experienced in decades. 115,000 homes have been destroyed. Many roadways are impassable and 117 bridges have been washed out making travel dangerous and mostly impossible in many areas. Currently, we would like to assist 6 churches that have had significant damage to their structures by helping to purchase roofing materials and other supplies needed for repairs. One church also has a parsonage attached to it that needs repairs. DONATE HERE

peru flood 2017 roofing materials

Food prices have already begun to skyrocket. Other supplies are currently still available but will sell out quickly. This is one reason CSI is asking that you consider what you can give so that we can get aid to those who need it as soon as possible. Let’s send the people of Peru the message of hope. Let’s tell them that they are not alone. We are with them. We will help. We will not forget about them in their time of need.


peru flood damage church

One of the churches needing repairs


peru flood 2017 beach debris

Flood Debris

We will update as we get more information. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! DONATE HERE

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Critical Medical Needs and How You Can Help

I am the mother of a child who has Cystic Fibrosis. This is a genetic disease for which there is no cure. While receiving this diagnosis was one of the hardest things I have had to endure, because I am fortunate to live in the United States and am covered under insurance I am able to go through my days with the knowledge that my daughter will receive the care she needs and that my insurance will help to alleviate some of the cost. I know health care in the United States is a hot topic and I am not here to debate that. I understand that our healthcare system isn’t perfect and that there are many uninsured people and that insurance premiums continue to rise. However, most of us do have access to insurance and access to some of the very best care in the world. So what I would like for each of us to consider is the fact that there are millions of people around the world who struggle with critical medical needs that are not able to be met because they live in areas where not only are the prices extremely high, the access to proper care is hard to come by too.

Reagan surgery

My daughter this past November after surgery

Consider places where a certain diagnosis is a death sentence when it doesn’t have to be. Places where if you can’t afford the treatment then you don’t get treatment. Places like Pakistan where quality healthcare is available but it comes at a price, a very heavy price which can only be afforded by the rich. This means that most of the population cannot afford it. Places like Zambia where the general state of healthcare is poor with the public health system being grossly underfunded. Places like Myanmar where the general state of healthcare is poor and public hospitals lack many of the basic facilities and equipment. In fact, the World Health Organization has consistently ranked Myanmar as one of the worst nations in healthcare.



CSI Medical Missions in Action


Why am I writing about Pakistan, Zambia and Myanmar? Places where many times people are forced to travel long distances, to reach a hospital only to realize there are thousands of people already waiting. The system in these areas is often so poor that two patients lie on the same bed. One of the main concerns in these countries is that even when people are able to get the treatment they need they are faced with a very high price tag for services. Good healthcare is very expensive and very limited. CSI has been given the opportunity to help some of our brothers and sisters who have suffered major health difficulties.

You can help Shamshad a Pakistani church leader who needed spinal cord surgery. Shamshad’s family has been able to cover some of the cost but they are not able to afford all of the expenses. CSI would like to raise $1700.00 for this need. DONATE

You can help the wife of Rev. Robert in Myanmar who had brain surgery. She is recovering but the bills are piling up and the family needs assistance. CSI would like to raise $1800.00 for this need. DONATE

daniel daka

Daniel from Zambia

You can help Daniel in Zambia. Daniel was a musician and singer at his church. While in college he contracted TB. The nurse treating Daniel gave him a wrong dose of medication which caused the TB to mutate. He was in the hospital for a year and as a result of this error, Daniel has lost his hearing. Hearing aids do not work so doctors have advised him to have a cochlear implant surgery. Without this surgery, his life will never return to what it once was. The quote for this procedure is over $30,000.00. This is a big need but we believe CSI donors have big hearts to help. CSI would love to cover the entire cost of this procedure. DONATE

Any amount you can donate would help tremendously. Do you have insurance? What is your copay? Consider donating the amount of a doctor visit. But truthfully any donation will be a blessing.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. You have the chance to help the hurting by offering help where they need it most. Let’s see how much we can raise in the next month! What a great way to show love this Easter season. Christ gave so that we might live. Now you can give to help others live better.