2nd Quarter 2017 Update

While the second quarter was quiet as far as natural disasters were concerned, each month CSI was still contacted with needs from around the world. Real people with real needs. It is easy for most of us to forget that hunger, lack of adequate medical care and other basics are the daily reality for millions of people. I get it. We are a society that lives and breathes for the most up-to-date headlines. We are information hungry and captivated by images and video depicting the joys and sorrows of other people. When our news feeds are not filled with these needs we tend to put them out of our mind but it doesn’t make them any less real.


csi grain

Grain distribution in South Sudan


In April CSI received information that 30 families had to flee their village because it was under attack. They had to leave everything behind. A small church in the Mayom Totin area took these families in but needed help to ensure that these families received enough food for 2 months. They also wanted to provide seed for planting as these families had no way to earn a living or grow food for the future. By May the number of people in need had grown to more than 5000 due to continued attacks. Your donations helped to supply 805 people with seed and grain along with needed medical care.


South Sudan

The people of South Sudan


On May 15 of the 25 districts in Sri Lanka were affected by devastating rains. Over 500,000 people were displaced. While we were not able to help all 500,000 we were asked to assist 34 families with emergency relief funding. Once again, you heard the cries for help and you didn’t ignore them and help was sent.


sri lanka flood 2017

Families in Sri Lanka


liberia roof

Ceiling damage at clinic in Liberia



The second quarter ended with a request from Liberia. CSI helped to establish a health clinic that hundreds of people depend on. The roof of the clinic began to leak and patients had to be moved from room to room due to the roof problem. The fear of being shutdown was a real possibility which would be devastating to those who depend on the services that the clinic provides. Many of you donated to help with the repairs so that the clinic doors would remain open.

liberia clinic

So remember, just because you don’t see it in the news and it isn’t being shared a million times and being discussed among your friends doesn’t mean the needs are not there. CSI wants to be able to respond to every request no matter how large or small. We can’t do it without you. We also have projects that are ongoing, such as the Restore Haiti project, our End Hunger Fund, Medical Missions and others. So please remember that CSI depends on you to be able to answer the calls for help that we receive each month.

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burkina faso

Burkina Faso just one of the places your ongoing donations helps to support