Wishing You a Hope-Filled Christmas

Philippines 2

These faces. These smiles. When I look at them I see hope. You would never know by looking into these hope-filled eyes that these boys had just lived through a Typhoon that destroyed their hometown. How do you have hope when all seems lost? How do you smile when you are faced with so much tragedy?

Zimbabwe 6

How do you show up to worship outside when you are living in an area of extreme poverty and you don’t know how you and your family will survive? The answer is in a word that I think embodies the Christmas season. That word is HOPE. Christ came to give us the gift that we all want more than anything in a world filled with seemingly hopeless situations, He came to give us hope. Hope came to us in a way that no one expected. It came wrapped in swaddling clothes. Hope has a name, Jesus.

Because our hope is not in anything in this world but in Jesus when all seems lost and when life has turned upside down and it feels as if nothing will ever be right again, we can smile. We can worship. It’s because of Hope. We know that this world feels dark but Hope has come to light up the world. When we look around at all of the tragedy and heartache in the world we want to believe that things can change and with Hope we know that they can. So this Christmas hold onto the Hope that was born in a manger. Hold onto the promise that Hope has come and Hope is always surrounding you.

Thank you for every time that you have given hope this past year. Your prayers and generosity have extended the gift of hope to people in desperate situations around the world. So from all of us at Compassion Services International, we wish you a very merry hope-filled Christmas.

2013-05-10 04.07.48.jpg

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