Malawi Flood Crisis

Malawi Flood 2019

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has declared Malawi in a state of emergency.

As of today (March 28th), 13 districts have reported that 59 people have died and 672 have been injured. Malawi has over 200,000 people nationwide that have lost their homes. Flood waters have literally washed everything away.

Hundreds of UPC of Malawi members have lost their homes, along with everything they own. Their crops washed away, they have no food, no clean drinking water, and only the clothes on their back are left.  The loss of crops is devastating on two fronts due to the fact that Malawians use half the crop for food and the other half to sell so that they can purchase other staples. All wells have been contaminated leaving thousands with no clean drinking water.

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CSI has been in contact with Missionary Gibbs who gave us the following report:

  • As of today 12 UPC churches have been destroyed and will need to be rebuilt
  • 3 widows have lost their homes and a member of the UPC was in his house when the house collapsed from the flash flood injuring him severely
  • At least 20 pastors so far have lost their homes from the flooding and all their worldly possessions

CSI is dedicated to helping those personally affected and with rebuilding what has been lost. We are working with Missionary Gibbs on specific needs and clear projects. We will keep our supporters updated through social media. Please join us in showing compassion.

How Can You Help

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Please help make a difference by sending your check/donation to:

Compassion Services International 3333-1 Rue Royale, St. Charles, MO 63301

You can also donate online by clicking the Donate Now link below. Your donation will be used to provide much-needed help, supplies, and relief.




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