1st Quarter 2019 Update

Malawi Flood 2019

Thank you for being part of our first quarter projects. Your continued prayers and support reach around the world each month.
  • Your generous donations allowed CSI to send an offering to the medical clinic in Liberia. This clinic is a CSI supported project that provides medical care to hundreds of patients each week. The people treated at the clinic would not be able to receive adequate medical care otherwise.
  • 2018 tax letters were mailed out in January. We use the physical address that we have on file, and if no physical address has been provided, then we use the email address that we have on file. If you need to update your information, please contact our office.
  • CSI held our annual Compassion Sunday event on February 24th. This day is an opportunity for churches to share the mission of CSI with their congregations and the donations help us be ready to answer the many calls for help that are sure to come throughout the coming year.
  • One of our supporters, Abi Smith, held an exceptional Compassion Sunday event at her church. She attends Christian Life Church in Delaware, Ohio. Her pastor is Michael and Shelley Wilson. Abi was able to do a presentation on Compassion Sunday where she used the downloadable resources and showed the free videos. She held a fundraiser after the service where lunch was served, and donations to CSI were accepted. She had resources available for people to look at and she had focused on the Uganda food program so she made some authentic Ugandan food for people to try. She used her creativity to make some Valentine’s Day invitations to her event.

compassion sunday 2019 abi smith.png

  • Cyclone Idai relief in Malawi. CSI began raising funds to send water filters, mosquito nets, building materials and food relief.

We don’t know what the rest of 2019 holds but we know who holds it all in His hands. Together we can make a difference in 2019!


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